Minagod™ Laser Hair Epilator


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Is your goal to lose, reduce, or prevent hair growth or to stop balding? Let me show you the no.1 tool for the non-invasive, pain-free, fast hair removal laser product you can use at home! The creator of Minagod™ Laser Premium Portable has designed a cutting-edge laser hair epilator device that is ideal as a laser hair epilator. This Laser Hair Epilator offers a painless way to get smooth and hair-free skin! The device uses innovative laser technology to harmlessly remove unwanted hair or stubble from the face, lip, chin, cheeks, nose, eyelids, arms, legs, chest, back, and even between the toes! Body hair removal is now easier than ever with this new and improved handheld epilator. This revolutionary hair removal device is perfect for those who want moderate inhibition of hair regeneration without any pain. With the 500,000 shots/pulse, and the ability to carry anywhere that you want to go, The Minagod™ Laser is perfect in every sense.


  • Can be upgraded to the integrated UV filter without damaging the skin in any way.
  • Upgrading the integrated safety protection system can prevent accidental flash damage to the eyes.
  • Has 2 flash modes as in Single flash & Continuous flash.


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Minagod™ Laser Hair Epilator

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