Minagod™ Electric Face Cleansing Brush


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Are you searching for an electric cleaning brush that is easy-to-use, efficient, powerful, high-end professional, technically innovative, and gives value for the money you spend? Well, look no further than The Minagod™ Electric Face Cleaning Brush! Open your door to the world of electric face cleaning brushes of the next level. The Minagod™ Electric Face Cleaning Brush has all the face cleaning bases covered and more! While being Multifunctional in more ways than one, the included facial cleansing kit contains uniquely different replaceable brush heads. So, while fulfilling multipurpose skincare demands, you will never have any need to buy several devices, economical or practical!


  • Multifunctional 4-in-1 face cleaning kit includes 4 unique replaceable brush heads for various skincare demands you might have.
  • The included Fiber Brush Head is useful in removing residual makeup, dirt, oil for a much better exfoliation to your face.
  • Soft Bamboo Head gives a strong cleansing effect for your skin to be silky soft and clean.
  • The Brush Head cleans your skin softly while being all skin type friendly.
  • The Rolling Massage Head helps blood circulation and massages the sore muscle to tighten and brighten your skin.


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Minagod™ Electric Face Cleansing Brush

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