Minagod™ Hair Shaver


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Minagod™ Ultimate Hair Shaver is the result of experienced engineers, with years of dedication to the task of providing the best hair-shaving experience. With the triple pins and 4-in-1 blades, you can now easily and quickly trim down facial hairs in a simple and efficient way. In addition, The Minagod™ Ultimate Hair Shaver is a portable, electrical shaver designed for styling and grooming of men & women of all ages. It is a 5 in 1 device for styling hair shaving. The painless, quick, and safe shaving of facial hair, with additional body hair removal and eyebrows. It’s safe and convenient to use, featuring a 3-in-1 trimmer, mini shave razors, and electric eyebrow trimmer for precision and accuracy.


  • This has a 2 In 1 Design: Designed with replaceable head, equipped with 2 heads to use.
  • Has a Fashionable Body with a very shiny outlook which makes it look modern and stylish among other competitive hair shaver products.
  • The head is detachable for easy water wash, which is convenient to clean and can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria.


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Minagod™ Hair Shaver