Minagod™ Blackhead Remover Set


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The Blackhead remover set is ideal for blackheads. Introducing a new kind of anti-acne appliance: the Minagod™ Blackhead Remover Set. It contains a pore extractor, a blackhead remover brush, a blackhead remover net, and a blackhead remover sheet as an all-in-one package for blackhead removal and face cleansing. The Minagod™ Blackhead Remover Set, with a Pore Cleanser, comes with a blackhead remover wand that extracts the dirt and oil out of your pores and thus cleans and exfoliates your skin. Instead of telling you how to remove blackheads using other methods, the simple yet effective method of The Minagod™ Blackhead Remover is a sight to behold. They have also added an extractor tool that helps remove whiteheads, blackheads, and pore blemishes too.


  • 4 pieces of acne removal needles are included in the all-in-one package Tools are made of stainless and antibacterial metal, with 3 types of heads to choose from.
  • Tools are for effective removal of acne, blackhead, facial pore, pimple spots, etc.
  • It can efficiently improve your skin condition too.


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Minagod™ Blackhead Remover Set