Minagod™ Strong Wind Hair Dryer


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The Minagod™ Strong Wind Hair Dryer is a 2000W Professional Hair Dryer, that is known for Ergonomically balancing quiet performance techniques to dry your hair like no other hairdryer. It is ideally the number one Hair Dryer in the market right now, in many aspects of hair drying equipment! Pack it up! Sometimes standing out is the worst thing you can do, but with Advanced technological design and a Powerful AC motor of 1800-2000W, The Minagod™ Strong Wind Hair Dryer does exactly that. Your main need is to your Dry hair evenly and quickly, and with an even heat distribution and temperature control system, this device is the ideal hair dryer for you in 2021


  • The Minagod™ Strong Wind Hair Dryer has 3 main heat settings, 2 speeds & one cool setting along with a Cool & Hot button at the side.
  • The Over-heating protection ability is enabled, with the use of Diffuser and Nozzles activated.
  • A fully accessible control panel to give you 100% control over the heat you apply to your hair, for the very best results to suit your hair type and style.


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Minagod™ Strong Wind Hair Dryer

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